I promise

Have you ever played a game though you know you’ll lose in the end?
Ever heard something far from truth and believed it anyway?
You and I knew about the lies, what we couldn’t say
You knew I wouldn’t complain, I would put a smile on my face and call it a day

I promise I won’t wait on the phone for ages in vain
I promise I won’t stand for hours getting soaked in the pouring rain
I promise I won’t shed a tear without any gain
I promise I won’t bore my friends with the same stories again

When you are asked, you all right? Do you hear the reply?
Do you see in your head the moments you cry
Can you forget the nights spent, and the hugs, snuggles, kisses and taste
Are they still in your mind or did they go to waste?

I promise I won’t put myself down and ponder about where I went wrong
I promise I will sleep at night and let the troubles go
I promise I won’t waste my health, and will put out my last cigarette
I promise I won’t think about what’s lost but what is still left

I walked back home on my own, I sat on my bed alone
I thought about what you could be doing, imagined you’re not yet gone
Now tell me, do you miss me every now and then?
Do you see my face in that new someone else?

I promise I won’t write to you my thoughts in paper
I promise I will still keep in touch it will feel better
I promise I will play on the safe side next time
I promise I won’t pretend it’s all right when it’s not fine

And in the meantime, in my head, you will fade away
I won’t stand again with my face staring down with regret
I won’t let my heart and soul decay
I never cared about the hearsay, I loved you deeply anyway.

Hear my say; this is my game, now
Will you come back to me again?
Perhaps we can play one day


~ by soundstranded on November 5, 2009.

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