Mr Rite

If you always wonder why you never see mr right
you may have just passed him by, you may have been just too blind to see whenever he is on sight, perhaps on that someone you stopped saying hi or the guy you never texted back, just too busy tonight.

you may have layed the blame on him for everything wrong in your life
you may have said he’s wrong but he was right
or you have may have just run to him for all the answers to everytime you question why.

Many still who look for mr right
will see the truth you can’t hide
the paths that you would walk,
look at the kerbs you’d try not to fall off
why do you always stop still and sigh?
and with your gaze down on the ground and lift up the high sky, sun is shining again, and all you want to do is cry, perhaps you were waiting for mr right to come and wipe out your fears, and tears, and to tap you on the shoulder, just so you turn back and wanting to believe he is standing behind, just to realize you’re all alone, you walk back home and you will think of mr right, a face you can’t forget a feeling you cannot take and the eyes that hold the taste and smell of rain , promise of another day, sighing in vain
wishing your life away.

Why do you cling to mr right when life is just passing you by?
Mr right is like a butterfly, erratic flight, wandering the shiny day or milky night, you try and chase him,it flies away.
Maybe you sit down one day,and spare the wait, think of something to say.
when you look away, he is resting on your knee.


~ by soundstranded on November 5, 2009.

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