My Date

You have a Date

You looked at yourself in the mirror , in the lift,
It seems like you want to appear fit
so close your eyes then take a sigh that you draw a smile
in your face I can trace the glow of an orange sunny sky

And get out in the wet streets
just to find out, the clouds have decided to make the day a tip
as you walk and run to keep from being late, start to feel your best
in your mind , where there’s no time and space, boundless dreams that you chase
walk at a faster pace, feel young again at heart, quickens your heartrate.

Look at the watch ,time contained in such a human device,
imagine that you’re fine, just for once,
take a glance to look back and
to catch a whiff of fast food consumed by a crowd who’s insane.

You hear a cry, from someone with a look of disdain,
someone asks you for spare change
you say you can’t I am running late
your hopes are at stake , a reason for a change of faith
start to sweat, and feel exhausted , what a chemical outlet

Now you just arrived, 5 minutes late, none came yet?
and then everything slows down just to be still again
hear the silence of waiting in vain, here comes again
it’s the rain
to remind you, that nothing changed and it all was the same
and you felt like your head was plugged to socket that someone pulled off the wall so you came back to this reality plane.
Time waits for none
Only what remains constant is real change.


~ by soundstranded on November 5, 2009.

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