I am the one who cannot hear what you say
I can talk with you anyway
I am the one who communicate by signs
I am the one whose parents visit occasional times

I am the one who feels what’s around me
I am the one whose eyes are closed all the time
I am the one who gets up everyday and thinks everything’s fine
Though I can’t see, I have an outlook for life, perhaps you are blind.

I am the one who lives in a room with a white-colored wall
There’s a Jack Frost man on my bedside table, it’s a snow ball
When I turn it over so the snow collects on the top
I think about the man inside, does he feel alone?
But not to worry, He, like me, lives in a perfect world.

I am the one people say my head is not in the right place
I am the one you never listen to but who has loads to say
I am the one who is tagged as insane, when I cut myself a vein, you can see my strain,
I am the one who has a different scheme in his brain, I need your help.

I am the one who has forgotten what money looks like
I live in the streets, and my floor is made out of hard cold concrete
When you walk back home from work, you’ll see my home, it’s the one you step on
I don’t have much left in my wallet; I have discovered that I always find what I need in my pocket.

I am the one society wants to look over me and forget the details
I live in the real life, this is true, and it’s not like what I read at night, it’s no tales
I’ve been called lots of names, I am not perfect, can we be friends?
I am the one who needs your help; I think about the everyday, I read before going to bed
I watch TV surrounded by my only friends.
But you’re too busy thinking how to discriminate
Now tell me,
Am I different to you anyway
Will you give your help?
Are you the one?


~ by soundstranded on November 5, 2009.

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