Wishing Hard

Were you a kid whose only wish was the day never to end?
I guess it was so much fun, ever tried to catch the sun?
Did you use to dream to be able to fly, to paint the sky with stars?
You were just a child; would you have imagined you were just wishing too hard?

Don’t let your feet take off so high
Content yourself for what you are
You can still play your act
You can make the world react

And when you grew up, did you heart sigh for the boy next door?
Could you see the other girls looking so nice and smart?
Where is he now, where did he go? Where are the faces gone?
He broke your heart, those who never saw you crawl and fall apart.

You wanted to be afar
Where you could hide, a place none could see you cry
Perhaps you wished too hard
Don’t wish what you can’t have, it’s a big burden to carry, it can make your heart split in a half

And still after all the loss and disappointments, after all what you’ve seen, your broken dreams
Can you play once again to be a child?
Ever whished turn back time, so you know how to make that boy smile,
So you know how to do your best and look beautifully smart?

Don’t hurt yourself too much, forget about your past,
Don’t run so fast
Your time to receive will come
Remember when it’s rough to stay calm
Remember to aim high, think about the things you can grant
When you forget yourself, make sure to get close to someone who reminds who you are
You were just one more child, still one of a kind, whose only fault was to wish too hard


~ by soundstranded on November 5, 2009.

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