Strangers – A reflective story

When I went into town, it was cold and everyone was wearing coats and warm clothes, much alike to any of the ones you see on any shop displays, would someone notice?. I don’t think so.

I did, after a moment I headed off to buy some food in the evening,
I wasn’t all alone as you can bet. There were lots of young lads and girls ,all of them looking busy, I bet they were running their shopping list in their heads, I was.

It all felt like a normal day , but I don’t think it was at all, since every day is different and has a tone and a hue to it which makes it apart from the others in a way.

When I stepped out of the shop, I felt the cold again, it’s nearly winter time, the streets are busy and come to life at night, specially in the city center, then I spotted someone listening to an Ipod, and after that another one with an Ipod too, were they listenign to similar music? maybe.

On my way back home, i didn’t want to walk, like many others, so I took the bus, and took a seat.
I was wearing warm black clothes , I had done my shopping, spent a little money, listened to an Ipod, and when I looked around I just realized we are all strangers to each other, as I saw most of us in the bus heading home and looking at the void, through the window, which is just in fact the road in the dark that we would pave every day when we go to work.

The only thing which makes you a stranger is behaving like one…
But who I am to talk about strange thoughts like this with “strangers”?.
i didn’t say to any of them the so many things in common we’ve done and the so many times we’ve shared the same space, let alone doing exactly the same, I don’t even know them, so don’t they know me either…hey , wait a second? did i say i don’t know you, well, if you think i am a stranger, think twice when you come back home after your daily chores and day spent in town.
Myself I may.


~ by soundstranded on November 9, 2009.

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