you know you’re hungry for love when some ramdon one who walks by , places an umbrella upon you in the rain, you wishper a “thanks” and then it’s gone.

you know you miss your loved one when you enter a club just to search for every face to see if one of them is him, just to go to the bar and ask for a “a medicine for love please, double”.

you know you haven’t forgotten someone when , standing in a crowd someone from behind covers your eyes with his hands to ask who he is, and so then you yell someone else’s name…

you know you crave excitement in your life when you wish to scape to I don’t know where or how and don’t care about the chores for the day and hop on on taxi and say “take me elsewhere”.

you know you’re growing up when someone asks you the last time you heard from some face that you haven’t seen often and wonder where he is now, your eyes squinting in the gray concrete, remembering and old shared joke.

you know there’s something big and new coming up in your life, as you see everything else falling,nothing you can do but trust, in a flash you you’re given an insight.

You know you’ve gone through real pain when you stop under a winter sky, standing still in the icy wind , within the  silence shows that you’re not afraid of  the lack of common sense.
what don’t you add your own need? when was the last time you felt something like that? are you getting that old?


~ by soundstranded on November 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Needy”

  1. Loved your observations. I identified to the one on craving excitement. Got to think one of my own. 🙂

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