Dark has come again
While I walked out home with the hope of something new
And before I feel the same
I think of coming round to you
Seeing this through rose-colored glass is a tasty view
When I walk out home I feel an urge to run
As if you could ever defy the mighty lord of time
I run as fast as I can, I ignore every traffic signs
I stopped just before your doorway, I can’t forget you
In the rain, I feel young again, I whisper your name.

Light has come again
I set myself ready for another day, with the hope of something true
I never felt the same since I heard your name
The voice is my head says I am not over and I must be insane
When I walked out home I feel an urge to run, just for fun
But today I left my shoes in the drawer
I grabbed the hand of someone new
He dreams of me coming home, says he loves me to the core
I don’t want to run today I want to take it slow instead
I can’t still forget you,
I stopped at the traffic light, I remembered that other night
I felt young again, someone whispered my name
And I don’t even mind the rain


~ by soundstranded on November 19, 2009.

One Response to “Merry-go-round”

  1. Very beautiful, you painted with words… Stay inspired.

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