Art at Heart

Tonight I felt like a weirdo
Because I’ve walked where none fancies to go
Because I’ve said what none told you before
Sometimes I think I am like a tropical strange fish,
You can’t pin me down or don’t remember where I am found
Take me out of my world and crush me with your hands I will surely drown.

And while the old bad world is too busy with its rules for everyone to know
I will obediently, easily nod
For I am an actor to an act, a painter to a painting
A searcher to a search,a writer to a writing
The answers that I get belong to a different deeper test
I feel I must trust myself, I can only create, to your soul’s content

The life of an artist is only but a raw sapphire shard,
and yet strange, confusing and full of senses which nourish the heart
Did I say I am an odd fish?, yes I did, everything is seen different underwater
But if you want to get something deep you have to dig beneath
You have to say how you feel , even if you come across as a nutter
your mind reflective, like silver platter
Tonight I will feed my own yearning and needs, and see what I have always been
In the midst of my inspiration I want to type
“Art at Heart”


~ by soundstranded on November 23, 2009.

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