Let someone discover you

Let someone discover you


Tonight before I went out for the night with some friends, I received a text saying we’re meeting after twelve, I always turn up late when I am to meet someone for a night out, because of the so much time I spend trying to look as handsome as my face can get to be, check your hair not once but twice and thrice, how about this shirt, does it fit my aesthetical tastes? Oh my face shows good tonight….familiar?.

But what the hell, do you really need so much protocol with yourself? What is the ultimate drive after this? You have been probably deluded into the thought that being handsome and fit in looks to the crowd ,equals a random meet followed by a successful relationship after, that is too much a promise for such small letter at the bottom of  a contract don’t you think?

Attraction and being attractive is a weird thing, because you never know for sure who you may attract, or what you may attract.

If you are with some friends round, do you care as much for how you look as if you were in an important celebration? Of course not, because you are with your friends, who make you feel at ease and safe, they don’t care how you look or if you’re pullover is inside out or if the eyeliner has run all over your face.

But deep down, there’s no need for being perfect neither to yourself or to anybody, there’ s no critic and neat-picky rules, the only rule if any could be, just be yourself, because that is where you are most attractive, just be innocent and chill out, someone may catch his eye on you , or you may stumble upon someone you haven’t seen in ages so you take off the mask.

It is when you expect nothing to happen when the cogs of the wheel really start to spin, we all carry a sense of appreciation and of feeling appreciated along with the desire of the same thing, otherwise there would not be so many trends and so much stuff revolving about the culture of the image and body nowadays, but the big companies greedy and eager to sell you their stuff  out of your self-esteem issues have made sure you believe the brainwashing, that it is in how you look and what you have outside that it brings thing for the inside, like most things in society , “you have to look like this, you have to say it like this, you have to wear like this” and if you don’t, you are condemned to remain lonely and miserable and ugly, how many times do you have to check in the mirror in the lift to convince yourself that you are fine, as you have always been ?.

You were born clean, whole and beautiful in your own perfect way just like you are and were before, and yet there will always be some sort of thing that you have to include in your personal life to become good-looking, or fit-looking or accepting the feeling of being safe, secure, can you not see the pattern?.

Next time you go out, rejoice yourself in your own uniqueness, whatever that flavour is, and if you go to a bar and see someone you fancy, go and tell him, because he  will have been surely spending hours in the mirror tonight just to feel the delightful comfort you feel when you think you look good and some random guy approaches  you just to confirm you some basic truth you hadn’t thought before because you were just too busy thinking what to wear tonight.


~ by soundstranded on December 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Let someone discover you”

  1. great words. That has been something I have been thinking about a lot just the past day or so. meeting this really pretty girl got me really thinking about that and my own sense of self-worth and whether or not I look good to that person. But in the end i started to realize that It’s really about how i feel about myself that makes the biggest difference. We really need to fight the battle to have confidence in ourselves first before anything else. keep up the writing and thanks for the words!

    • Thank you for your comment, I actually think there’s no battle to have confidence in the first place as you were born with that and forget it as you become adult , but I knew what you mean though…I am glad you have made value out of my post, I have just thought how amazing everyone’s wise words are and yet how we remain so silent when there’s so much abundance of simple answers.

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