The real value of money

The real value of money

Money is priceless, what an irony, getting money always involves something to pay either by yourself or from someone else, money involves work and work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else
money has no value,
you value whatever you got in exchanging that with money, and behind that is the effort and energy you put to make it possible,that’s the real value, what did you do for money?
money has no owner, it owns you,it cripples your freedom because you must let go of your own will for the sake of being “safe”
money itself is not evil , but the greed and the need you feel to compensate something lacking in your life that money can never bring you
you’re given money, sometimes freely, very often otherwise, what are you really buying or what are you really selling? are you selling your own time for money? are you selling yourself?are you buying the promise of something you have been wishing for?
no matter how much money you hold , every penny is going to slip off your fingers one by one, money comes and goes, it can never stay in someone’s hands forever
people kill for money, people cry for money, people fights and breaks for money
get rid of it, as much as you can, if someone in this world can say money IS the answer to your problem, that someone has a problem.
Money is not prosperity,buying something cannot make you happy, were you unhappy before? there’s abundance of money that you can’t count even with the biggest calculator, still people have no money at all, but there are so many things that existed before money came into the world.
money can get you by temporary, after a time, you end up questioning yourself if it was really worthy
some say money makes the world spin, it doesn’t , there’s something else underneath, the desire to get more to never fullfill a hole, the desire for the power   money has been given, the desire to control others, the thought you would be better off with money.
people think money has made the way you’ve lived possible, but who made it really? what made it really?
do you give money to the beggars in the street? do you think they are better off with it?
money is a vicious chain, for everytime someone is been underpaid, someone else has gained , what have you gained?
everything in life counts, not with figures, you are what you give out, not what you get, if you identify yourself with what you have, can you put a figure? do you feel underated? do you feel overated?

do you still think money is worthy?
live simply, get rid of your money , when you feel you have spent enough, think another way of getting it, if you have to, but don’t forget what it is real worthy


~ by soundstranded on January 24, 2010.

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