The “If” factor – be a bit happier now and here.

The “If” factor – be a bit  happier now and here.

If I had better circumstances, I would stop procrastinating, If I had a different life I would be happier, If I had a different job I would be better off…”

and the list can go on as far as your thoughts can run until you find yourself dried up.

You may feel that it’s just you in this , but let me tell you that there are millions, billions of individuals just like you in this loop of thinking, why? Because that’s social conditioning, that’s the belief everyone has been suckered into, we have been taught to grow from outside, instead of inside out.

How many people do you think there is who think they’d be far more better if they win the lottery? This is a typical example of the “if factor”, the reality is that you can win it, yes, though your chances are slim, it happens everyday, someone in this planet wins it, okey, so what next? He starts buying the things he always wanted to, would share a bit with the people he loves, maybe do some charity, give money away….

There is some little detail which comes unnoticed though: this doesn’t involve a change in consciousness, this doesn’t require to re-think and reform your values, and within a matter of time you will find yourself craving and desiring something holding the false promise your life will be better, you have just recreated the “if factor”, you are into the hole again, don’t you see the pattern?.

Yes Mr X , let’s call him , won the lottery and I am sure he enjoyed it at some point, and felt happy and all that stuff. After a time, he went to feel again something missing, or realized some issue it had been neglected and it needs attention now.

And what about what it was happening meanwhile the time he is been thinking and wishing, time has been running non-stop since, and things have been passing by, what about the things he missed?, “Life is what happens meanwhile you are busy doing plans” this is a quote, and it’s so true.

You may be feeling like Mr X by now, don’t worry, just join the club , the good news is that, in the same way time can be as cruel as you want it to believe it, there will always be a moment where you can reset and start again,right here, right now, you can’t stop or turn back, it’s like a canvas, once it’s white it starts to be filled as you go along, you can’t delete it, but you can stop and start shifting your ideas, your consciousness and see what comes along after.

After all, something happened or something you did at some point that got where you are now right? You have found yourself in the routine of conditional thinking aka “the if factor”What makes you think you have to be like this forever? Social conditioning and brought up believes most likely, but you have the last word , and the power to re-program and start creating what you always wanted, and don’t think you are going to be far more better off “IF This changes, if I get out of here , if….”

The basic idea is, “if” involves condition, if you go to a grammar book, you will see that “if” is a conditional conjugation to express conditions which hasn’t’ happened yet

if” prompts to struggle with your brain to try and think new ways to obtain or achieve that, if involves using your imagination, meanwhile the solution is still there, as it has always been , like some sort of thing that it’s so obvious none pays attention to it.

Right here right now, your life is standing in front of you, at whatever you are doing, wherever you are and thinking about what it can happen if it’s happen, the present moment is being sacrificed for something that it only lives inside your little head.

I have found most of the things I have worried about in my life, they never happened anyway”

You choose to content yourself with what you are now, where you are now, what you have now, and think of this , as the result of what you have been doing or haven’t been doing, and the result of your believes, you never saw yourself in many situations that you are now, however here is you, and you never said “if X happens, I will be “Y”, don’t you think?.

It is amazing how things in our life unfold, they never happen how we imagined it,

Please, Please, Please don’t you beat yourself by giving conditional thoughts, by thinking you are better if something else would be added to your life. Only now exists, you have been doing the best you could according to the experience and knowledge you had till this moment, at some point something happens within you , and suddenly all changed, it could be something you read, something you heard, something your inner voice said in your head…

Some change in awareness, in consciousness , it happened and magically everything shifted to ways you never thought possible, in this same way, content yourself for how everything turned out to be till now, because that is the only thing which has been real and happening, the rest was just in your head, it’s quite simple, you can only be happy by contenting yourself in this moment, if you think what you have right now is definitely not for you, don’t worry ,it’s going to change, you just have to wait and stop “the if factor loop”.

You are happy , and the moment you start wondering why you are or why you aren’t , you stop being happy.

And if the if factor comes to the stage, and the if wants to believe the promises and rewarding it says it brings along, but the real life is just in front of you, time waits for none.

Rejoice now, answers come alone, by their own assistance, you don’t need to ask, there’s no failure only feedback.

I hope this post may have helped you to open your mind to new ideas about improving the quality of your life, and helped you to change consciousness, because I believed that everything in life counts, from the smallest to the biggest, and everything you experiment is a reflection of what is inside you, you are what you believe.


~ by soundstranded on January 25, 2010.

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