Things I want to include in life


It is quite ironic coming from someone who likes to make music saying I want silence in my life, yes I do, because I know that silence is precious, like time and food and air and water, it is in silence when I have the most rewarding insights, it is in silence when I feel most alive, in the beginning there was silence, before anything comes to existence, there is silence, silence should be sacred, in the end there will always be silence, in a melody it is in the rest where the interest and the character of an artist is engraved, think of when you stand at a crossroad in a busy road full of traffic and roadworks, silence is needed in this world full of unwanted noises and words, listening is more rewarding than talking, and when you talk with someone , it is in the gaps of silence where the conversation lays , you can hear the silence, silence is a rare thing nowadays

I like to wake up a bit early because in the morning, before the city wakes up , that little bit left of silence is just a gift.

At least for one minute make sure there is silence in your day


Gratitude comes unnoticed so easily, how comes? I think I can’t , I am unable to remember everything happened for a single day, but as time goes by, I remember most of it, and these tiny things are like drops in a bucket, what you say, do, think, don’t do, don’t say will be one bucket one day, maybe after a month a year and a lifetime, there is never too many times to say thanks, there is always something to be thanked for, maybe just for today , but think if that will be there in year’s time, do you see yourself enjoying that in time?, at least say thanks you will be remembered as a thankful person, you will be offering gratitude.


Later on , I have found that courage gives enourmous peace, fear only makes you feel more fearful, more afraid, but if you jump to the unknown, if you take the courage you have, then a sensation of peace follows as if it wasn’t that bad, I heard once “you will regrett the things you didn’t do not the ones you did”, that’s true, you live with your choices, but every moment is a fresh start, you write it as you go along but you can’t erase, you never know when the time is over, everything else is just excuses, you won’t have more courage or will be more ready than you are now, if you have to wait , wait, but make sure the courage have erased all the fears away.


I want my surroundings to be simple, so I can understand them, simple is complex, getting rid of something every day is an act of simplicity, leaving a gap free is an open door to something new, as your life gets simpler and simpler, the very basics come to the surface and what it seemed complex at one time, it’s now so plain and simple.

These four things, I want them and I am glad to have them, these are the true important things behind every person’s needs and desires, this is what one looks for and why we strive most of the time in this world, like going round in circles when it’s all so simple, sometimes it doesn’t seem so, that’s true, but in the end, as time goes by everything is reduced to the basics, what it seemed far and distant becomes now and here, have you said thank you? can you listen to the silence? did you have the courage? was it simple?



~ by soundstranded on April 4, 2010.

One Response to “Things I want to include in life”

  1. It is amazing how much we think alike. I treasure silence, it what helps me spring up my feelings, ideas and ideals.

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