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Dark has come again
While I walked out home with the hope of something new
And before I feel the same
I think of coming round to you
Seeing this through rose-colored glass is a tasty view
When I walk out home I feel an urge to run
As if you could ever defy the mighty lord of time
I run as fast as I can, I ignore every traffic signs
I stopped just before your doorway, I can’t forget you
In the rain, I feel young again, I whisper your name.

Light has come again
I set myself ready for another day, with the hope of something true
I never felt the same since I heard your name
The voice is my head says I am not over and I must be insane
When I walked out home I feel an urge to run, just for fun
But today I left my shoes in the drawer
I grabbed the hand of someone new
He dreams of me coming home, says he loves me to the core
I don’t want to run today I want to take it slow instead
I can’t still forget you,
I stopped at the traffic light, I remembered that other night
I felt young again, someone whispered my name
And I don’t even mind the rain



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you know you’re hungry for love when some ramdon one who walks by , places an umbrella upon you in the rain, you wishper a “thanks” and then it’s gone.

you know you miss your loved one when you enter a club just to search for every face to see if one of them is him, just to go to the bar and ask for a “a medicine for love please, double”.

you know you haven’t forgotten someone when , standing in a crowd someone from behind covers your eyes with his hands to ask who he is, and so then you yell someone else’s name…

you know you crave excitement in your life when you wish to scape to I don’t know where or how and don’t care about the chores for the day and hop on on taxi and say “take me elsewhere”.

you know you’re growing up when someone asks you the last time you heard from some face that you haven’t seen often and wonder where he is now, your eyes squinting in the gray concrete, remembering and old shared joke.

you know there’s something big and new coming up in your life, as you see everything else falling,nothing you can do but trust, in a flash you you’re given an insight.

You know you’ve gone through real pain when you stop under a winter sky, standing still in the icy wind , within the  silence shows that you’re not afraid of  the lack of common sense.
what don’t you add your own need? when was the last time you felt something like that? are you getting that old?

Strangers – A reflective story

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When I went into town, it was cold and everyone was wearing coats and warm clothes, much alike to any of the ones you see on any shop displays, would someone notice?. I don’t think so.

I did, after a moment I headed off to buy some food in the evening,
I wasn’t all alone as you can bet. There were lots of young lads and girls ,all of them looking busy, I bet they were running their shopping list in their heads, I was.

It all felt like a normal day , but I don’t think it was at all, since every day is different and has a tone and a hue to it which makes it apart from the others in a way.

When I stepped out of the shop, I felt the cold again, it’s nearly winter time, the streets are busy and come to life at night, specially in the city center, then I spotted someone listening to an Ipod, and after that another one with an Ipod too, were they listenign to similar music? maybe.

On my way back home, i didn’t want to walk, like many others, so I took the bus, and took a seat.
I was wearing warm black clothes , I had done my shopping, spent a little money, listened to an Ipod, and when I looked around I just realized we are all strangers to each other, as I saw most of us in the bus heading home and looking at the void, through the window, which is just in fact the road in the dark that we would pave every day when we go to work.

The only thing which makes you a stranger is behaving like one…
But who I am to talk about strange thoughts like this with “strangers”?.
i didn’t say to any of them the so many things in common we’ve done and the so many times we’ve shared the same space, let alone doing exactly the same, I don’t even know them, so don’t they know me either…hey , wait a second? did i say i don’t know you, well, if you think i am a stranger, think twice when you come back home after your daily chores and day spent in town.
Myself I may.


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I am the one who cannot hear what you say
I can talk with you anyway
I am the one who communicate by signs
I am the one whose parents visit occasional times

I am the one who feels what’s around me
I am the one whose eyes are closed all the time
I am the one who gets up everyday and thinks everything’s fine
Though I can’t see, I have an outlook for life, perhaps you are blind.

I am the one who lives in a room with a white-colored wall
There’s a Jack Frost man on my bedside table, it’s a snow ball
When I turn it over so the snow collects on the top
I think about the man inside, does he feel alone?
But not to worry, He, like me, lives in a perfect world.

I am the one people say my head is not in the right place
I am the one you never listen to but who has loads to say
I am the one who is tagged as insane, when I cut myself a vein, you can see my strain,
I am the one who has a different scheme in his brain, I need your help.

I am the one who has forgotten what money looks like
I live in the streets, and my floor is made out of hard cold concrete
When you walk back home from work, you’ll see my home, it’s the one you step on
I don’t have much left in my wallet; I have discovered that I always find what I need in my pocket.

I am the one society wants to look over me and forget the details
I live in the real life, this is true, and it’s not like what I read at night, it’s no tales
I’ve been called lots of names, I am not perfect, can we be friends?
I am the one who needs your help; I think about the everyday, I read before going to bed
I watch TV surrounded by my only friends.
But you’re too busy thinking how to discriminate
Now tell me,
Am I different to you anyway
Will you give your help?
Are you the one?

Wishing Hard

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Were you a kid whose only wish was the day never to end?
I guess it was so much fun, ever tried to catch the sun?
Did you use to dream to be able to fly, to paint the sky with stars?
You were just a child; would you have imagined you were just wishing too hard?

Don’t let your feet take off so high
Content yourself for what you are
You can still play your act
You can make the world react

And when you grew up, did you heart sigh for the boy next door?
Could you see the other girls looking so nice and smart?
Where is he now, where did he go? Where are the faces gone?
He broke your heart, those who never saw you crawl and fall apart.

You wanted to be afar
Where you could hide, a place none could see you cry
Perhaps you wished too hard
Don’t wish what you can’t have, it’s a big burden to carry, it can make your heart split in a half

And still after all the loss and disappointments, after all what you’ve seen, your broken dreams
Can you play once again to be a child?
Ever whished turn back time, so you know how to make that boy smile,
So you know how to do your best and look beautifully smart?

Don’t hurt yourself too much, forget about your past,
Don’t run so fast
Your time to receive will come
Remember when it’s rough to stay calm
Remember to aim high, think about the things you can grant
When you forget yourself, make sure to get close to someone who reminds who you are
You were just one more child, still one of a kind, whose only fault was to wish too hard

Mr Rite

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If you always wonder why you never see mr right
you may have just passed him by, you may have been just too blind to see whenever he is on sight, perhaps on that someone you stopped saying hi or the guy you never texted back, just too busy tonight.

you may have layed the blame on him for everything wrong in your life
you may have said he’s wrong but he was right
or you have may have just run to him for all the answers to everytime you question why.

Many still who look for mr right
will see the truth you can’t hide
the paths that you would walk,
look at the kerbs you’d try not to fall off
why do you always stop still and sigh?
and with your gaze down on the ground and lift up the high sky, sun is shining again, and all you want to do is cry, perhaps you were waiting for mr right to come and wipe out your fears, and tears, and to tap you on the shoulder, just so you turn back and wanting to believe he is standing behind, just to realize you’re all alone, you walk back home and you will think of mr right, a face you can’t forget a feeling you cannot take and the eyes that hold the taste and smell of rain , promise of another day, sighing in vain
wishing your life away.

Why do you cling to mr right when life is just passing you by?
Mr right is like a butterfly, erratic flight, wandering the shiny day or milky night, you try and chase him,it flies away.
Maybe you sit down one day,and spare the wait, think of something to say.
when you look away, he is resting on your knee.

I promise

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Have you ever played a game though you know you’ll lose in the end?
Ever heard something far from truth and believed it anyway?
You and I knew about the lies, what we couldn’t say
You knew I wouldn’t complain, I would put a smile on my face and call it a day

I promise I won’t wait on the phone for ages in vain
I promise I won’t stand for hours getting soaked in the pouring rain
I promise I won’t shed a tear without any gain
I promise I won’t bore my friends with the same stories again

When you are asked, you all right? Do you hear the reply?
Do you see in your head the moments you cry
Can you forget the nights spent, and the hugs, snuggles, kisses and taste
Are they still in your mind or did they go to waste?

I promise I won’t put myself down and ponder about where I went wrong
I promise I will sleep at night and let the troubles go
I promise I won’t waste my health, and will put out my last cigarette
I promise I won’t think about what’s lost but what is still left

I walked back home on my own, I sat on my bed alone
I thought about what you could be doing, imagined you’re not yet gone
Now tell me, do you miss me every now and then?
Do you see my face in that new someone else?

I promise I won’t write to you my thoughts in paper
I promise I will still keep in touch it will feel better
I promise I will play on the safe side next time
I promise I won’t pretend it’s all right when it’s not fine

And in the meantime, in my head, you will fade away
I won’t stand again with my face staring down with regret
I won’t let my heart and soul decay
I never cared about the hearsay, I loved you deeply anyway.

Hear my say; this is my game, now
Will you come back to me again?
Perhaps we can play one day